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The most significant development in Georgia evidence law during the survey period was the continued effort to adopt a new Georgia evidence code based upon the Federal Rules of Evidence. As reported in last year's survey article, the proposed Georgia Rules of Evidence (the "proposed Rules") were introduced during the 1989 session of the, general assembly but did not reach the floor of either chamber. The proposed Rules were again introduced in the 1990 session and promptly received unanimous Senate approval. The Rules were then referred to the House Judiciary Committee where they remained until the end of the session. Presumably, the proposed Rules will again be introduced in the 1991 session.

It is beyond the scope of this Article to address the proposed Rules. One point bears mention, -however. The proposed Rules do not dramatically change existing substantive evidence law. Rather, they simply reorganize existing law and provide Georgia lawyers with a concise and easily assessable evidence code which is long overdue.

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