Vol. 27, No. 2 (1976) Special Lead Articles Edition - Foreign Trade and Investment Part I

Editor's Note

The central objective of this special two-part edition on foreign trade and investment in the United States is to provide a broad overview of a rapidly expanding area of United States law and to present, in symposium form, a primer for the general practitioner. Our articles were solicited from legislators, professors, practitioners, and laymen active in this area in order to present a sampling of the diverse opinion in this field. Our articles range from the practical "how to" to the theoretical, and include a sprinkling of articles dealing with the European Economic Community to suggest possible U.S. solutions to future problems. We believe our treatment to be timely and topical and trust that this Lead Articles Edition will contribute to our goal of furnishing to our subscribers a far-ranging examination of all pertinent areas of the law.

The final comment in this Editor's Note must be a special word of thanks to our authors. The excellence of the contributions reflect hard work in a developing area in which clear precedent and ready authority are generally lacking. We therefore extend our appreciation to these authors for making this Special Lead Articles Edition possible.

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Board of Editors

William A. Dinges - Editor-in-Chief
Larry W. Rowe - Administrative Editor
Samuel D. Ozburn - Administrative Editor
Michael K. Grogan - Managing Editor
Jeffrey Ward Bell - Student Writing Editor
Frank J. Beltran - Student Writing Editor
Elizabeth R. Francisco - Georgia Survey Editor
James K. Lange - Lead Articles Editor
Thomas C. Alexander - 5th Circuit Survey Editor