H. Sadler Poe

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For the second successive year, the General Assembly has enacted significant amendments to the Georgia Securities Act of 1973. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Act" or the "1973 Act.") While this year's amendments (the "1975 Amendments" or the "Amendments") are not as extensive as the previous amendments,' the 1975 Amendments make important changes in virtually every area of the 1973 Act's coverage. From exempt securities and transactions, to registration of securities, to regulation of dealers and salesmen, to enforcement, the changes have been numerous, many of them merely clarifying the drafters' intent, but others make important substantive changes. The Secretary of State (hereinafter the "Commissioner") has also adopted significant regulations which affect most areas regulated by the Act. This article will discuss the legislative and administrative changes. Probably because of its recent enactment there have been no reported decisions involving the Act.