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Following the Court’s decision in Murphy, Georgia legislators have repeatedly introduced bills to legalize sports betting. However, despite these efforts, the 2023 legislative sessions concluded without the passage of multiple bills aimed at achieving this goal. Nonetheless, with mounting pressure and support, it seems increasingly likely that Georgia voters will soon have the opportunity to amend the state’s constitution to legalize it. This Comment analyzes whether legalizing sports betting would be in Georgia’s best interest. Part II will provide a brief overview of PASPA, followed by an examination of why the Supreme Court of the United States held it to violate the anticommandeering doctrine. Additionally, it will delve into the repercussions of the post-Murphy betting boom. Part III will explore the role of daily fantasy sports in normalizing sports betting. Part IV will reflect on advertising legislation pertaining to a similarly addictive industry and discuss modern predatory advertising campaigns employed by sportsbooks. Finally, Part V will analyze the challenges associated with legalizing sports betting in Georgia, evaluating the pros and cons before concluding why Georgia should “bet on sports.”

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