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Imagine you are a prisoner at Dooly State Prison in Unadilla, Georgia. A squad of about thirty officers march into the prison one day, dressed in riot gear, chanting, “kill, kill, kill.” The officers begin cursing and ordering inmates to get out of their cells, even yanking some by their shirts if they are not moving quickly enough. As you and the other inmates rush out of your cells, you are subjected to body cavity searches—you are ordered to strip naked, squat and cough, turn around, and bend over, all in the presence of several officers. An officer hands you a razor and forces you to dry shave. Meanwhile, officers are yelling obscenities, pointing and laughing at you, and threatening you. You see inmates’ personal items and religious materials dumped on the floor, thrown into toilets, and destroyed. You hear an officer yelling at another inmate that if the inmate says anything about this incident, he will be locked up and beaten until he does not “want to be gay anymore.” Another inmate is ordered to hold his right foot in his left hand, then to switch, and switch again quickly, while officers watch and laugh at him.