Sara Snowden

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Atlanta Metro Leasing, Inc. v. City of Atlanta was a battle in the making between traditional taxis and novel rideshares since the latter emerged in Atlanta's vehicle-for-hire marketplace. As a major player in Atlanta's traditional taxi industry, Atlanta Metro Leasing, Inc. (Atlanta Metro) went toe-to-toe with the City of Atlanta (City) for refusing to enforce its ordinances against rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft. Atlanta Metro contended the City’s failure to enforce its ordinances eroded Atlanta Metro’s previously enjoyed exclusivity in the vehicle-for-hire industry, and therefore, diminished the value of taxi medallions. Looming in the background, the advent of rideshares prompted a nationwide rash of similar, but unsuccessful, lawsuits. In addition to this unfavorable, yet persuasive precedent, Atlanta Metro faced the challenge of overcoming the City's sovereign immunity defense.