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Commercial transportation involves all of the significant forms of passenger and freight transportation across the United States. This Article surveys significant judicial and legislative developments in Georgia commercial-transportation law during the period from June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2019.

Three of the areas discussed here—commercial motor vehicles, aviation, and rail—are subject to heavy federal regulation due to their large effects on interstate commerce. Accordingly, motor-carrier and railroad law primarily saw developments pertaining to state procedure and in the interactions between state and federal law, while state aviation law primarily focused on Georgia’s efforts both to regulate and facilitate the development of unmanned aircraft and commercial space flight. This Article also discusses the nascent industry in “last mile” rentals of shareable dockless electric scooters and electric bicycles. These businesses have exploded onto the scene just in the last two or three years and have sent local and state lawmakers rushing to address the issues they present. Finally, this Article concludes with a brief section on two more areas being “disrupted” by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: passenger transportation for hire, which saw a useful appellate opinion on when an individual’s automobile insurance may stop applying to trips with paying passengers, and autonomous-vehicle technology.