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Everyone loves a good story, but what makes a story good?

First, a good story has a hero. Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her to realize her potential, Harry Potter saves the wizarding world once again, and rainwater changed our world. Of course this contention sounds strange, but if presented with the question of which natural resource is most vital to sustaining life on earth, most people would give the same answer: water. This is a statement that would likely be met with little resistance. That is because from a very early age, just like we are taught the importance of literary heroes, we are taught to keep in mind just how essential this resource is in our day to day operations. It is common knowledge that water facilitates life and vegetation on Earth. Water keeps us and our environment clean, hydrated, and healthy. Water is incredibly and undeniably important. Rain quite literally sustains the world's surface water supply.6 For all intents and purposes, rainwater is a modern-day hero. ...

This Comment presents the different outcomes to the above story and considers an ending that is happy for everyone. First, this Comment canvasses the history of the EPA's role and the considerations regarding the existence (or non-existence) of restrictions and regulations on rainwater collection. Second, this Comment looks at the implementation by different states, particularly Georgia, of such regulations. Third, this Comment explores the pros and cons of each states' different positions and discusses which options are ultimately best for preservation of the national clean water supply.