Linda S. Finley

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Survey Article


This Article looks at notable issues regarding Georgia real property law during the survey period, including legislation enacted by the Georgia General Assembly and case law decided in Georgia courts. The Author is happy to report she no longer feels compelled to begin the Survey by discussing the dire economic conditions of the state of Georgia or, indeed, the United States as a whole. At the time of the writing of this Survey, RealtyTrac, which reports national foreclosure statistics, released its mid-year 2016 foreclosure report showing that foreclosure activity affecting Georgia real property in the month of July 2016 was 15% lower than the previous month and 44% lower than the same period the previous year. Disturbing, however, was the economic statistic reporting that Georgia home sales for June 2016 were down 33% from the previous month and 25% from the same period in 2015. Only time will tell exactly what these contradictory trends indicate, but, in the meantime, whether the economy is improving or declining, this Survey attempts to provide the practitioner, student, or lay person with a brief outline of what has occurred in this area of the law during the last twelve months.