Linda S. Finley

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Survey Article


A review of the survey of real property law for the last several years shows an evolution of topics. One year the creation of the Georgia Fair Lending Act, and the duties that new legislation placed upon attorneys and lenders was a critical topic; the following year (and the next), the topic of interest was how title to church property is determined when a congregation splits. For the last few years, the downturn in the Georgia and national economy, and the protection of consumers under foreclosure laws and from the unauthorized practice of law, have seen both judicial and legislative scrutiny. Couple these sometimes emerging, yet always important, issues with traditional areas of real property law, such as boundary disputes, easements, title to property, zoning and the like, and the conclusion can only be that the modern real estate practitioner must stay current and knowledgeable about a myriad of topics that change from year to year.