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I am delighted to be a part of this richly deserved celebration of Jack Sammons's scholarship. As a scholar, Jack is truly in a class of his own. He offers a rare combination of qualities. For now, I will mention three of the qualities that together make him so special, but they by no means exhaust the list.

First of all, over a career as a legal scholar going back to his appointment to the Mercer law faculty in the late 1970s and continuing unabated today more than a year into his retirement from teaching, Jack has been wonderfully productive. He publishes often and on a remarkably wide array of subjects. Jack is very much not one of those scholars who manage to be productive by plowing the same field time and again. He has almost boundless intellectual curiosity, and he genuinely loves to engage in the scholarly give-and-take that comes with sharing his ideas with others at conferences and in print.