Farley Anderson

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Based on these three real-life stories, there are different ways to solve the profound problem of bullying: criminal prosecution; national, state, and local legislation; and awareness and protests. Many school districts use a combination of all three methods to eliminate bullying, and at this point in time, most states have some form of anti-bullying legislation. Whether it was a personal experience in elementary school, victimization in high school, or a story heard on the nightly news, everyone is aware that bullying is a serious problem in schools. Similarly, extensive media coverage of bullying has raised public awareness of this very troubling trend. In the past few years, there have been many instances of severe bullying that the media has covered. Vast news coverage impacts the way people think about this problem and the way that lawmakers solve this problem in the legislature. As a result of these media reports, and for a variety of other reasons, bullying is at the forefront of concerns facing twenty-first century students. Bullying impacts people differently, and some bullying situations have led students to tragic ends. This Comment will discuss the problem of bullying and the various methods that national, state, and local governments use to solve it.