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The Legal Writing Institute (LWI), which was founded in 2004, is a professional organization dedicated to improving legal writing through teaching, discussion, and scholarship about legal writing, analysis, and research, both in law practice and in the academy. LWI boasts a membership of more than 2500, including members from more than thirty-eight countries, and it is the second largest organization of law professors in the United States. LWI also sponsors Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal established in 1988 as a forum for exchange of scholarly ideas and opinions about legal writing.

As part of the ongoing celebration of the Legal Writing Institute's twenty-fifth anniversary, the editors of The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute and the Mercer Law Review organized a day-long symposium to reflect on the history and look toward the future of both LWI and the discipline of legal writing. This invigorating and insightful Symposium brought together national leaders in the legal writing profession spanning the past twenty-five years.