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In 2000 the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit was called upon to decide high profile and difficult issues. It helped determine the fate of young Elian Gonzalez and the course of President Bush and former Vice President Al Gore's legal battles for the presidency. Yet some of these decisions-and many others-turned on less sensational procedural questions. This Article examines the role that procedural issues have played in the court's recent opinions. It is intended to help practitioners gauge trends in the court's approach to interlocutory matters; timeliness of notice of appeal and presentation of argument; the doctrines of standing, ripeness, and mootness; and standards of review on appeal.

  • Procedural Issues in Election Cases
  • Appellate Treatment of Interlocutory Matters
  • Timeliness of Notice of Appeal and Presentation of Argument
  • Justiciability
  • Standards of Review