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The arresting officer established the case and the Defendant, sensing the inevitability of his plight, entered a plea of guilty. The City Court Judge, a compassionate man, ... began his routine of delivering a short lecture on the evils of alcohol .... "Now you see, John, this... is a perfect example of what happens when you start drinking. You go out, you get drunk, you get behind the wheel, and here you are severely injured. By the way, what's your prognosis?" It was apparent ... that [the Defendant] considered the Judge's question to be of utmost importance. However, it was also evident that the Defendant had no idea what he was being asked. After a lengthy silence, while the Defendant considered all the ramifications of his possible responses, he looked the Judge square in the eye and said: "Baptist?"'

Some believe that the "law" of local government, both decisional and statutory, frequently hinges upon issues of denominational significance.