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Here's to 50 More!

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One of the congratulatory letters that I received upon being selected as Mercer's dean back in 1995 was from a friend who stated that, while he was not generally familiar with the Walter F. George School of Law, he knew that Mercer had an outstanding law school because of the conflicts of law symposium published by the Mercer Law Review in 1983 and 1984. A few years later, I was informed that, at the initial meeting of the American Bar Association Commission on Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence, an ABA staff member distributed copies of the Mercer Law Review's 1995 symposium issue on federal judicial independence. More recently, the Law Review's 1997 symposium on the independent counsel statute has become the starting point for serious discussion about the re-authorization of the federal independent counsel statute, as this statute is debated in Washington and across the country. I therefore am proud to join William Tyson and Charles Adams in saluting the fiftieth anniversary of the Mercer Law Review.