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Since 1966, Professor Maximilian A. Pock has been the author of the Insurance section of the Annual Survey of Georgia Law. During this period of time, his scholarly analysis of and keen insight into the decisions of the Georgia Appellate Courts have been of great benefit to those of us whose practice dictates that we stay abreast of the trends and movements of the courts as shown by their published opinions. Contributing to a publication such as the Annual Survey of Georgia Law is no easy task, but continuing to do so for such an extended period of time exhibits extraordinary dedication and commitment. For this Professor Pock deserves our gratitude, appreciation, and recognition.

The current article will probably not be as scholarly and may not be consistent with the standard that Professor Pock has established, but hopefully it will be informative and will provide the practitioner with some hint of predictability of the future decisions of the Georgia Appellate Courts regarding insurance issues.

The number of cases reaching the Georgia Appellate Courts during this survey period is less than that of prior years. The courts continue to struggle with the "easy to read" policies that are currently in widespread use in the state, and the uninsured or underinsured motorist provisions of automobile policies continue to receive the greatest attention from the courts during this survey period.3

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