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This year's survey of Eleventh Circuit criminal cases is primarily a review of those decisions which involve significant constitutional issues. As in recent years, a substantial number of the court's decisions resulted from drug prosecutions. This is due to the increase in federal resources devoted to drug prosecutions and the substantially longer sentences which often result from a federal drug conviction as compared to a state conviction for the same offense. The court also decided a great many cases involving issued interpreting the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Even though these cases do not usually involve constitutional issues, the authors decided to include a Sentencing Guidelines section because this area of law has such a significant affect on the federal criminal law practitioner.

Even though both authors are career prosecutors, this article is not intended to present a "prosecution view" of the cases and issues discussed. Rather, our purpose is to provide all federal criminal law practitioners with a review of those decisions in the Eleventh Circuit which involve significant issues or developments.