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The current survey year has again yielded a rich harvest of insurance cases. Georgia appellate courts have handed down more than ninety decisions. Several are cases of first impression in Georgia, while many others have applied or adapted traditional doctrine to a novel factual matrix. These cases merit exegesis and discussion in varying degrees of specificity. Although arising in an insurance integument, the remaining cases concern general substantive law, narrow administrative or technical questions, or pervasive evidentiary and procedural issues. They are better discussed under another title or heading.

Perhaps one impressionistic and general observation is in order. The new wave, "easy reading" policies now percolating through our court system in increasing numbers have, on the whole, kept their promise. They are indeed more user friendly. Their only disadvantage seems to interpretive judicial gloss generated by the gnarled prose found in policies of yore.

The narrow editorial confines of this Survey have imposed selections, which may appear less inclusive than the subject matter warrants. This is not a random decision, but rather an enforced choice.

To promote continuity, the materials selected will, as far as possible, be discussed under the chapter headings employed in previous years.

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