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For the past several years, the State Bar of Georgia has lobbied vigorously for the adoption of a new Georgia Evidence Code based upon the Federal Rules of Evidence. Few would dispute that the existing Georgia Evidence Code, which really is not a code at all but rather an amorphous amalgam of disjointed statutes and thousands of judicial decisions, is in need of revision. Apparently, however, there is considerable dispute regarding exactly what changes should be made.

The proposed Georgia Rules of Evidence is the product of an intensive study by the State Bar of the deficiencies of the existing code and possible changes. The proposed rules were first introduced in the General Assembly in 1989 and, in 1990, were approved by the Senate but not by the House. The proposed rules were reintroduced in the 1991 session and again received the approval of the Senate but languished in the House Judiciary Committee for the remainder of the session. The proposed rules carried over to the 1992 session but were never reported out of the Judiciary Committee. According to Bar officials, it is uncertain whether the proposed rules will be introduced in the 1993 session.

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