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In the hundreds of cases reviewed for this survey, there were few earthshaking decisions. DNA evidence has arrived in Georgia, and the year and- a-day rule has left. Nevertheless, there are more noteworthy cases than can be adequately addressed in this survey. There are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary. In fact the most notable trend is the ever-increasing number of challenges to former counsel. Prosecutors, defense counsel, and courts are well-advised to use the Checklist for Unified Appeals as a guide in any criminal case.

Due to the significance of the Checklist for Unified Appeal, the author uses a format similar to that of previous authors of this survey, but the format of the section on procedure has been changed to correspond roughly to the Checklist for Unified Appeal. The author does not fancy himself a scholar, but a "nuts and bolts" person. Hopefully this survey will be scholarly enough in content, if not in style, to be of interest to law students and members of the bar and bench, who slug it out daily in the "trenches:" the criminal trial courts of this state.