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In 1975 the Georgia General Assembly enacted a comprehensive witness immunity statute' providing for a procedure to obtain the testimony of persons who refuse to testify on self-incrimination grounds. That procedure is summarized in the following excerpt from the act:

Whenever in the judgment of the Attorney General or any district attorney, the testimony of any person or the production of evidence of any kind by any person in any criminal proceeding before a court or grand jury is necessary to the public interest, then the Attorney General or the district attorney may request the superior court, in writing, to so order that person to testify or produce the evidence. Upon order of the court that person shall not be excused from testifying or producing any evidence required, on the basis of his privilege against self-incrimination, but no testimony or other evidence required under the order or any information directly or indirectly derived from such testimony or evidence may be used against the person in any proceedings or prosecution for a crime or offense concerning which he testified or produced evidence under court order.