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Torts - Immunity of a Charitable Organization-Applicability as to Duty Imposed by City Ordinance (Bond v. City of Pittsburgh, Pa. 1951)

Torts - Wrongful Death - Right of Survivor to Sue (Deposit Guaranty Bank & Trust Co. v. Nelson, Miss. 1951)

Torts - False Imprisonment - Accomplished by Blocking Driveway (Schanafelt v. Seabord Finance Co., Calif. 1951)

Torts - Mental Suffering - Recovery of Damages for Mental Anguish Caused by Witnessing Injury to Another (Van Hoy v. Oklahoma Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Okla. 1951)

Conflict of Laws - Contracts-Law Governing Validity, Nature and Interpretation (Guy F. Atkinson Co. v. Fimian, Ga. 1951)

Adoption - Discretion-Abuse of Discretion by Trial Court in Denying Adoption (Adoption of Lingol, Calif. 1951)

Corporations - Inherent Authority of Chairman of Board of Directors to Make Contracts (Rothberg v. Manhattan Coil Co., Ga. 1951)

Torts - Contributory Negligence-Railroads (Atlantic Coast Line R . Co. v. Dolan, Ga. 1951)

Torts - Negligence-Liability of Innkeeper for Acts of Transient Guests (Holly v. Meyers Hotel & Tavern, Inc., N. J. 1951)

Contracts - Restraint of Trade-Interpretation of Reasonableness (Domurat v. Mazzaccoli, Conn. 1951)

Husband and Wife - Tenancy by Entirety-Eviction of Mother-in- Law (Fine v. Scheinhaus, N. Y. 1952)

Domestic Relations - Divorce-Jurisdiction Determined by Telephone Conversation (Holman v. Holmaan, Tenn. 1951)