Maurice S. Culp

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Survey Article


This study, like the one undertaken for the annual survey appearing in .the Fall, 195o issue of the Mercer Law Review, is a report and an analysis of the legislative and judicial development in the field of administrative law during the calendar period, June I, I95O to June I, 195I.

At the outset it should be indicated that this report does not purport to cover all that has happened in the field of administrative law in Georgia during the year. It should be emphasized that this is a report on the legislative and judicial development of a particular subject and does not attempt to discuss the specific rules, regulations or orders which may have been issued by a great variety of administrative agencies during the current year. This point is emphasized because the discussion in this article does not proceed on exactly the same lines as a most important recent study in the field of administrative law might indicate. The learned author of a new book' on administrative law, in describing this field of law uses the following language: "Administrative law consists of constitutional law, statutory law, common law and agency-made law; the great bulk of it is created by courts in the process of constitutional and statutory interpretation." Because of the overlapping in the various fields of law which are given treatment in this annual survey, administrative law as it pertains primarily to constitutional law will be discussed elsewhere. Agencymade law will not be discussed except as it appears in the course of the discussion of specific litigated matters, which have come before the courts, that is, the appellate courts, during the reporting period.