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Administrative Law - Justiciable Controversy - Rights to Injunctive Relief from Communistic Listing by Attorney General (Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee v. McGrath, U .S. 1951)

Insurance - Exclusionary Clause - Construction of Term "Possession" (McDowell Motor Co. v. N. Y. Underwriters Ins. Co., N.C. 1951)

Municipal Corporations - Liability for Negligence - Injury to Prisoner on Street Project (City of Atlanta v. Hurley, Ga. 1951)

Partnerships - Joint Adventures - Intent Necessary to Constitute Joint Adventure (Lilly v. Munsey, W .Va. 1951)

Practice and Procedure - Declaratory Judgments - Supreme Court Jurisdiction in Cases Not Involving Title to Land or Equitable Relief (Bond v. Ray, Ga. 1951 )

Torts - Legislative Immunity - Investigating Committees (Tenney v. Brandhove, U.S. 1951)

Trade Regulation - Price Fixing - Non-Signer Provision in State Fair Trade Act (Schwegmann Brothers v. Calvert Distillers Corp., U.S. 1951)

Wills - Adoption - Revocation of Previously Made Will By Adoption of Child (Thornton v. Anderson, Ga. 1951)

Wills - Construction - Income Tax Liability on Bequests (In re Nevil's Estate, Pa. 1951)

Wills - Disposition of Property by Life Tenant Under Power of Appointment (Blanks v. Jiggetts, Va. 1951)