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The decisions in the field of workmen's compensation during the survey period represent no significant change in, or departure from, existing law. The volume of cases decided in the appellate courts of Georgia during the year covered is less by one-third than the number in the previous corresponding period. The author of last year's survey' on -this subject reviewed the workmen's compensation statutes and the principal decisions which serve as landmarks and guideposts through this somewhat special and ever-expanding field of law; it is, therefore, deemed appropriate only to supplement last year's exhaustive survey with those decisions which represent developments in the field.

There were no statutory additions or alterations to the law of workmen's compensation, and the cases dealing with the subject were all decided by the Court of Appeals, a fact which might well indicate that the constitutional questions which in the past have been involved in the subject have been settled by the Supreme Court with the exception of questions arising out of particular factual situations.