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Criminal Law—Embezzlement-Legal Interest in City Necessary to Convict Officer (Scarboro v. State, Ga. 1950)

Criminal Law—Withdrawal of Guilty Pleas after Imposition of Sentence (Boyett v. State, Ga. App, 1950)

Domestic Relations—Separation Agreements-Right of Wife to Have it set aside by a Court of Equity (Pomerance v. Pomerance, N .Y . 1950)

Federal Employees—Removal-Right to Notice of Reasons (Deak v. Pace, Jr., Secretary of Army, C.A.D.C. 1950)

Statutory Construction—Civil Rights-Professional Man's Right to Choose Clients (Rice v. Rinaldo, Ohio 1950)

Taxation—Correction of Assessments of State Income Tax (American Bank Stationery Co. v. State, Md. 1950)

Torts—Negligence-Custom as a Standard of Care (Smoldden v. Grandview Dairy, Inc., N.Y. 1950)

Workmen's Compensation—Employee Collects Twice for Same Injury (Vernon v. State Compensation Commi'r, W.Va. 1950)

Workmen's Compensation—Injuries Sustained in Going to and from Work (Katz v. Katz, Conn. 1950)