Edwin Maner Jr.

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During the survey period, decisions were handed down by the Georgia appellate courts reaffirming well-established principles of law with regard to the duty of counties in the construction and maintenance of bridges, duty to invitee on premises of defendant, duty to invited guest in automobile, duty of care between bailor and bailee, duty of care between pedestrian and operator of automobile, intervening negligence, concurring negligence, duty to licensee and to trespasser on premises of defendant, duty to anticipate negligence or unlawful conduct of another, comparative negligence, proximate cause, allegations essential to action in tort, accident, emergency, scope of employment, defense of alibi in a civil case, allegations essential to case based on fright, cow cases, libel, violation of right of privacy, malpractice, trover, intervention of criminal act of third party between negligent act of defendant and injury to plaintiff, negligence per se, venue in actions against joint tortfeasors.

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