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Administrative Law—Licenses-Revocation Without Fault of Licensee (Morris v. West Virginia Racing Commission, W. Va. 1949)

Bills & Notes—Application of the Imposter Rule as Denial of the Existence of Forgery (United States v. Continental- American B. & T. Co., 5th Cir. 1949)

Conflicts—State Judicial Procedure as Impairment of Substantive Federal Right (Brown v. Western Ry., U.S. 1949)

Constitutional Law—Equal Protection Not Denied by Imposition of Longer Sentence on Minor than on Adult for Same Offense (People v. Scherbing, Cal. 1949)

Constitutional Law—Equal Protection-Conduct of Tax- Exempt Corporation with Power of Eminent Domain Not "State Action" (Dorsey v. Stuyvesant Town Corp., N.Y. 1949 )

Contracts—Indefiniteness - Executed Employment Agreement Unenforceable When Remuneration Not Settled with Certainty (Gray v. Aiken, Ga. 1949)

Criminal Procedure—Double Jeopardy-Right of State to Appeal After Acquittal (State v. Evjue, Wis. 1949)

Dead Bodies—Indecent Treatment and Non-Burial-Common Law Offense For (Baker v. State, Ark. 1949)

Domestic Relations—Disability to Remarry-Non-Estoppel to Challenge Validity of Subsequent Marriage Contracted in Violation Thereof (Bell v. Bell, Ga. 1949)

Domestic Relations—Illegal Marriage-Effect on Division of Property Jointly-Purchased and Acquired (Smith v. Smith, Wis. 1949 )

Elections—Ballots-Regulation of by State Legislature (Morrison v. Lamarre, R.I. 1949)

Evidence—Privileged Communications-Competency of Former Spouse's Testimony as to Incriminating Activities Observed During Matrimony (Menefee v. Commonwealth, Va. 1949)

Gaming—Lotteries-Recovery of Money Under "Informer's Statute" (Moore v. Atlanta Athletic Club, Ga. App. 1949)

Husband & Wife—Consortium-Right of Action in Wife for Negligent Injury to Husband (McDade v. West, Ga. 1949)

Internal Revenue—Double Capital Gains Tax-Corporate Dissolution Planned to Avoid Tax on Sale of Appreciated Assets (United States v. Cumberland Public Service Co., U .S . 1950 )

Partnerships—Service on One Partner Only-Assets of Partnership Held Liable Prior to Assets of Individual Partner Served (Grogan v. Herrington, Ga. App. 1949)

Practice & Procedure—Improper Argument-Extent of Remedial Instructions at Discretion of Trial Court (Washington v. State, Ga.A pp. 1949)

Torts—Family Purpose Doctrine-Not Applicable to Bicycles (Pflugmacher v. Thomas, Wash. 1949)

Torts—Wrongful Death Act-Applicability Where Injury to Mother Causes Death to Unborn Infant (Verkennes v. Corniea , M inn. 1949)

Wills—Probate-Final Decree as a Bar to Probate of Later Will (In re Winzenrith's Will, W .Va. 1949)

Wills & Administration—Dower Election-Effect of Acceptance of Benefits under Will in Foreign Jurisdiction (Griley v. Griley, Fla. 1949)