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Agency— Borrowed Servant Doctrine-Liability of General Employer to Special Employer-"Burden" of Proof (Miller v. Woolsey, Iowa 1949)

Agency— Relationship Between Refining Company and its Distributors and Retailers (Helms v. Sinclair Refining Co., 5th Cir. 1948)

Carriers— When is Passenger-Carrier Relationship Terminated (Sibley v. City Service Transit Co., N.J. 1949)

Charities— Hospital's Right to Exemption from Ad Valorem Taxation Where Income is Received from Patients (Elder v. Henrietta Eggleston Hospital for Children, Inc., Ga. 1949)

Constitutional Law— Freedom of Speech-Breach of the Peace Ordinance Construed as Restricting Free Speech (Terminiello v. City of Chicago, U .S. 1949)

Constitutional Law— Imprisonment for Debt-Violation of Bad Check Law (Blakeney v. State, Miss. 1949)

Contracts— Subcontractors-Right to Recover Damages for Delays and Extra Work from Government (Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co. v. United States, Ct. CI. 1949)

Criminal Law— Carnal Knowledge-Statutory Majority Attained By Marriage as Defense (State v. Huntsman, Utah 1949)

De Facto Officers— Necessity of De Jure Office to Support Validation of Acts of De Facto Officers (Tarpley v. Carr, Ga. 1949)

Executors and Administrators— Constructive Fraud on Court (Pengelly v. Thomas, Ohio 1949)

Insurance— Unconditional Delivery of an Insurance Policy by an Agent as a Waiver of Prepayment of Premium (Ferguson v. Hartford Live Stock Ins. Co., La. 1949)

Internal Revenue— Corporate Distribution Following Tax-Free Reorganization- Non-Applicability of "Sansome" Doctrine to Deficits of Liquidated Subsidiary Corporations (Commissioner v. Phipps, U.S. 1948 )

Legislation— Statutory Interpretation-Abatement and Revival of Claim for Personal Injury Against Estate of Deceased Wrongdoer (Moffat v. Smith, Calif. 1949)

Sales— Recordation Provision of Civil Aeronautics Act as Applied to Intrastate Commerce (Blalock v. Brown, Ga. App. 1949)

Torts— Duty Owed by Sponsor to "Soap Box Derby" Spectators (Macon Telegraph Publishing Co. v. Graden, Ga. 1949)

Torts— Immunity of Highway "Maintenance Man" for Negligent Performance of His Duties (Mower v. Williams, Ill. 1949)

Wills— Adopted Child Not Included in Devise to "Children of the Children"- Effect of 1949 Statutory Amendment (Brookins v. Citizens & Southern National Bank, Ga. 1949)

Wills— Conflict of Laws-Passing Title to Realty (In re Barrie's Estate, Iowa 1949)

Wills— Right of Probate Court to Renounce Will on Behalf of Insane Widow (In re Reighard's Estate, Ill. 1949)

Workmens Compensation— Injuries Resulting from Employee's Curiosity (Simon v. Standard Oil Co., Neb. 1949)