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The General Assembly of Georgia enacted a total of 511 statutes and passed 40 resolutions during the 1949 Regular Session. This legislation covers more than 2,100 printed pages and ranges over many and diverse subjects. Even a cursory discussion of the statutes other than strictly local laws is impossible within the confines of a single law review article. The discussion in this article is therefore limited to four of the more significant statutes. The selection of these four statutes was of necessity more or less arbitrary, but an attempt was made to choose legislation of widespread and lasting interest to practicing lawyers.

The statutes selected for consideration relate to (i) registration of voters, (2) unfair practices in sales of cigarettes, (3) contract beneficiaries' right to sue, and (4) defamation by radio and television. This article examines in detail each of these statutes and considers the problems likely to arise under them. An attempt to evaluate legislation before it has been extensively applied in practice and to forecast its judicial treatment by appellate courts is a presumptuous undertaking. The possibility that this article will be of some assistance to courts and attorneys, however, justifies the venturing of opinions which time and experience may modify.

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