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Good morning. I am really excited to be at this conference as a transactional lawyer who never drafted anything before she went into practice and had very, very little experience with any of the other transactional skills that I would be using on a daily basis. I am really excited to hear about the number of courses and opportunities that students have now. Of course, I am thrilled to speak about the opportunities that I offer the students in my courses.

What I do is provide two opportunities to learn about counseling. Every student at Mercer University School of Law takes a mandatory one-hour credit at the beginning of the second year that serves as an introduction to counseling. We focus on counseling for a variety of different settings, including a criminal context for plea bargaining. I also have students in their sixth semester in my elective course, Trusts and Estates Drafting, allowing them to focus on counseling in their very last semester before they graduate. And I really make a conscious effort in instructing on interviewing and counseling to try and kind of debunk two misconceptions that I think students bring with them into almost any drafting class.


Remarks from the 2008 Teaching and Drafting Skills Conference.