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Death. The mere mention of the word sends a shiver down the spine or provokes a nervous giggle. Modern reactions to death range from avoidance, as shown by the abundance of death euphemisms, to fascination, as shown by the number of movies and television shows centered on death, including Twilight's vampires and The Walking Dead's zombies. Estate planning is the legal environment in which a person con.fronts his or her mortality and participates in the formulation of his or her legacy. Contextualizing the experience as a memento mori experience promotes the function of the estate planning process, specifically the drafting of the Will The Will is more than the legal document used to transmit probate wealth upon death. The Will is the document that nominates the representatives of the testator and the guardians of the testators minor children. The Will gives cherished mementos of a life lived. "Remember you must die" prompts reflection and contemplation.